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Ontario, Canada, Aug. 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Canada, predominantly a hockey-loving nation is slowly but gradually making inroads for other sports, and basketball has emerged as one of the most prominent ones. Over the last decade or so, the popularity of basketball has grown tremendously in Canada. With the Toronto Raptors winning their first ever NBA title, it helped gain an even bigger interest from youth all over Canada. Interestingly, today, it is one of the biggest producers of NBA stars. As a result, Canadians’ interest in basketball both in terms of playing the sport as well as viewership has spiked massively. As the game of basketball continues to grow more and more programs are starting to evolve to give kids more opportunity.

Jamil Abiad’s Contribution to Canadian Basketball

A major chunk of the growth and success of basketball in Canada can be attributed to the behind-the-scenes work put in by trainers, sports academies, and dedicated coaches. In this context, the role of Jamil Abiad has been phenomenal. Jamil is a global basketball trainer well-known for his work across Ottawa and Eastern Canada. His interest in basketball roots back to his childhood. Throughout his school and college, Jamil focussed on intensive training, which helped him hone his skills and become better at the craft. Interestingly, he has earned several accolades and was also a 4-time city all-star by the time he was in 12th grade. Jamil is also an RSEQ silver medalist, & RSEQ Champion at Bishop’s University.

Following a successful stint as an overseas professional basketball player, Jamil ventured into basketball coaching with an aim to help budding players both on and off the court. His vision is to not only train and coach kids but to give them the best possible opportunities to reach their goals & dreams. Currently, he mentors and coaches several basketball teams including Team Believe U17 & U19 which he created last year. Over the years Jamil also started a showcase where he has invited many coaches from across the country to come and see players play. By doing this he is giving the athletes an opportunity to be exposed and hopefully recruited to play college or university basketball.

“I just want these kids to have opportunities and not let their financial situation hinder them from reaching their goals & dreams, said Abiad”

How Is Jamil Abiad Mentoring Young Basketball Talent?

Apart from these commitments, Jamil is also dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experience to help budding basketball enthusiasts to live their dream of taking up the sport professionally. He runs camps all around Canada, and has been invited to train athletes all around the world. Over the last few years as a professional basketball trainer, Jamil has collaborated and has had the chance to learn from NBA players, professional coaches, and top trainers. Absorbing all the information that he learns from them, his goal is to use that in his practices to help athletes. As a trainer Jamil has trained many players who now play professionally, NCAA, USPORTS, and CCAA.

“My vision is to one day have a facility where kids can play basketball at any time. In Canada basketball is starting to grow but facilities for kids to play are lacking tremendously. By having more places for these kids to play and compete will only improve the level of basketball in this country.”

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