Global task force urges countries to consider regulation to fight online antisemitism

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OTTAWA — An international task force that includes three Canadian members of Parliament says legislators should consider regulations to combat the rise of antisemitism online.

Liberal MP Anthony Housefather, along with Conservative Marty Morantz and the NDP's Randall Garrison are joined by politicians from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Israel.

The task force was formed because of what lawmakers report is a distributing rise in antisemitism, with most of what they see happening online and in social media posts.

The group's interim report urges all levels of government and social media providers to adopt a clear definition of antisemitism.

It also says they should consider antisemitism in the context of online extremism.

The task force also calls on countries to consider using independent oversight and regulation "where appropriate" to create safer spaces online.

"We applaud the advances that some platforms have made, but note that all still have significant work to do in order to address online antisemitic content," it reads.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published July 14, 2021

Stephanie Taylor, The Canadian Press

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