GMC Hummer EV reservations hit 90,000

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We spoke with GMC's marketing director, Rich Latek, at the Detroit Auto Show, and he revealed that interest in the GMC Hummer EV is still extremely strong. Reservations keep climbing, with the total topping 90,000. Not only that, but people are following through on orders.

The 90,000 reservation number is impressive in and of itself, but what's also interesting is that the rate of reservations has been growing. Latek said that in the past few quarters, the number of reservations has been greater than each before it. And, for reference, the reservations are for both the pickup truck and SUV versions.

Furthermore, people that are making Hummer reservations are following through on purchases. He said that just over 90% of reservation holders are converting their reservations to actual orders. He also mentioned that many of these orders are for higher trims.

The Hummer EV is still in the middle of a drawn-out rollout. The SUV will finally go into production in the first quarter of next year. The EV3X trim of the pickup, the highest after the First Edition models, goes into production this fall. EV2X follows this coming spring, and then the base EV2 is coming in the spring of 2024.

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