Goalie and skater throw bombs in a wild junior hockey fight

(Screenshot//519 Sports Online)

Remember 2007, when the late Ray Emery, with the Ottawa Senators at the time, and Buffalo’s Andrew Peters dropped the gloves during a regular season line brawl? It’s likely one of the most famous moments in Emery’s colourful NHL career.

Hunched over in his goalie equipment, he had a huge smile on his face while Peters violently threw punches in his direction. It was hilarious.

Imagine that exact same situation during a Junior C hockey game in Southwestern Ontario, except that there are no smiles to be found. In fact, both combatants appear to genuinely hate each other.

This unexpected pyrotechnic display broke out between goaltender Kailem Chappelle of the Wellesley Applejacks and Zach Edwards of the Ayr Centennials during the second period of Provincial Junior Hockey League regular season action on Saturday night.

As whistles blow at the beginning of the video, the audible ‘Oh my God’ that can be heard from someone in the crowd while the two square up nicely summarizes how most people would react to seeing something like this.

It’s unclear what started it all, but you have to give some major props to Chappelle. The 18-year-old really held his own despite the constraints that come with the equipment he was wearing. 

Both were ejected once things simmered and Chappelle was slapped with an additional two-game suspension for removing his helmet before the bout.

For those wondering: Ayr went on to win the game 5-4.

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