Goat with neurological disorder earns her unusual snacks

Judi is a rescued goat who was never meant to have a chance. She was bred for profit and meant to serve a purpose for farming. But poor Judi had a rare and severe neurological disorder that made her "useless" for breeding. But Judi was far from "useless" in the eyes of Jennifer and Jim, two big hearted animal lovers who will help any beautiful soul they can. They found Judi and brought her to their sanctuary where she has found hope, love, and a forever family. Judi needed extensive work to get her to the point where she could use her legs. She wears diapers to help her with her "control issues" and she needs daily massages and physiotherapy. Part of her therapy involves being encouraged to walk and run to strengthen her leg muscles. She is called for treats and for affection and she willingly runs to her family. As a reward for her effort, Judie is given a few Doritos, fruit loops, and some fresh hay. Most of her diet is carefully planned and portioned, but Judi works very hard and deserves some tasty snacks. The benefit of the motivation far outweighs the negatives and Judi loves this arrangement. Black Dog Farm and Rescue began with Faline, a black pit bull who brought as much love as she was given. Jennifer and Jim, the creators of Black Dog Farm and Rescue were inspired to do more for the beautiful souls who also need help. They opened their sanctuary in Texas and began doing what seemed impossible. They heal the broken animals and care for the most desperate cases, giving them the chance that they deserve. Black Dog Farm can be found on Facebook. They do amazing work, which is only possible with the support of friends, family and other animal lovers. Please check out their page and consider helping them do the work that these little creatures so richly deserve.