Goats Have Adorable Encounter With Tiny Duckling at Ohio Farm

A pair of mischievous goats showed their gentle and caring side when meeting a small baby duckling at a farm in Ohio recently.

Footage by farmer Tammy Tunison from Oberlin captured the moment her goats Alex and Junior got to meet a new silver appleyard duckling up close.

Tunison told Storyful that the duckling was the first to hatch, and that she put the duckling’s brooder in the goats’ enclosure so they could “keep it company”.

“I hung the brooder from the ceiling so the duckling would not get hurt, yet next to Alex and Junior’s beds so they could keep the duckling company,” she said. “Alex and Junior kept an eye on the duckling overnight. Every time the duckling peeped they looked at the brooder.”

She said that the next morning, she took the duckling out and placed it on the goat duo’s beds, adding that she knew they wouldn’t hurt the duckling as they are always gentle with baby animals.

“What I did not expect was how much Alex and Junior would love the duckling, and the duckling love them,” Tunison said.

Tunison regularly films humorous videos of her goats and other pets, posting them to her Hobby Farm Facebook account. Credit: Tammy Tunison via Storyful

Video Transcript

- [INAUDIBLE] apply for a search warrant for Michael [INAUDIBLE].

TAMMY TUNISON: Oh my goodness.

- [INAUDIBLE] If you have any questions about it, I'll explain everything to you, OK.




- [INAUDIBLE] as the blanket in which the victim was wrapped.

TAMMY TUNISON: Oh my goodness.

- We also found [INAUDIBLE] be together. That was explaining what we then believe to be the [INAUDIBLE]


But what they find--

- Can hear him plain as day to this day.


He told me, he says, [INAUDIBLE] And I put the phone down and cried because--


TAMMY TUNISON: You want to see the baby, but you're too excited, [INAUDIBLE] I know. I know. You got to see it this morning.



TAMMY TUNISON: He wants to climb on top of Junior's head. This is unbelievable, and Junior's OK with it touching him. Junior, just get a little closer-- oh! You want to say hi? Say hi, Junior?


What do you think? [LAUGHS] Oh, his head's a little slippery. [LAUGHS] That's a good boy, Junior. What a good baby. It's OK, guys. I know you're excited.


I know it's exciting. What a good boy, Junior. I'm so proud of you, baby.


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