What goes down must go up: Gas prices bounce a little higher

The cost of a new tank of gas got a little more expensive for Newfoundland and Labrador motorists Thursday morning, as the provincial fuels regulator reacted to a slight shift in commodity markets. 

The Public Utilities Board approved a hike in the ceiling of gas prices of 0.9 cents a litre. 

It's only the second time in the last eight weeks that gas prices have increased in the PUB's weekly settings. 

The change means that retailers on the Avalon Peninsula, for instance, can now charge no more than $1.323 for a litre of self-serve unleaded gas.

Prices are higher in other areas, ranging from $1.349 in Gander, $1.361 in St. Anthony and $1.403 in Churchill Falls. 

Diesel prices are up by as much as 0.8 cents a litre. 

Furnace oil prices are up marginally, by just one tenth of a cent. 

Price trend

The following chart shows the recent trend in average gas prices in the province, as reported by individual consumers through GasBuddy.com. [Not seeing the interactive on your mobile phone? Click here.]