GoFundMe for Sask. nurse facing $26K fine close to fundraising goal

After nurse Carolyn Strom was found guilty of professional misconduct after venting on Facebook about the treatment of her dying grandfather, nurses from across Canada rallied behind her.

In just over a week, over $22,000 has been raised on a GoFundMe page set up to help Strom pay a $26,000 penalty levied against her by the SRNA.

The campaign states that "As nurses, nursing students and nursing faculty in Canada, we are deeply disturbed by the SRNA's treatment of Carolyn Strom and wish to show our solidarity."

In February 2015, Strom posted her opinions on the treatment of her grandfather. She criticised the long-term care home where he was staying and felt the care was inadequate. Members of the care home then complained to the SRNA which resulted in a professional misconduct hearing, which Strom lost.

On Wednesday, seven days into the Strom GoFundMe campaign, it was temporarily suspended.

"This campaign was temporarily suspended as campaigns are periodically reviewed by our team to ensure they comply with our terms of service," said Bobby Whitmore, GoFundMe's director of strategic communications.

Later Wednesday, the campaign was back online.

It's not known who, if anybody, complained to GoFundMe about the campaign.

Trevor Wowk, director of corporate services for SRNA, said the organization he represents did not lodge a complaint with GoFundMe over the page raising money to help Strom pay her fine.