What’s going on here? An update on Langmaid’s Island in Lake of Bays

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The proposed development for Langmaid’s Island, a 147-acre island in Lake of Bays, continues to be a point of contention, and the parties involved have scheduled a hearing to pursue public mediation.

The Local Planning Appeal Tribunal is slated to hold the hearing Feb. 1, 2021 at the municipal office of the Township of Lake of Bays.

The hearing will take place between Langmaid’s Island Corporation, the entity planning to develop waterfront residences on the island and the Township of Lake of Bays, the Town of Huntsville and the District of Muskoka.

he Lake of Bays Association and Lake of Bays Heritage Foundation, both opposed to the development, were also granted party status for the proceedings.


• Langmaid’s Island was owned by the Adamson family for decades until its 2017 sale to Langmaid’s Island Corp. for $9 million following the death of Henry Adamson.

• LPAT, formerly known as the Ontario Municipal Board, is an adjudicative tribunal that hears cases pertaining to land use matters, heritage conservation and municipal governance.

• Langmaid’s Island is listed in the Lake of Bays Official Plan as a natural heritage area, meaning it has some development restrictions.

• In order to develop the property, Langmaid’s Island Corp. filed requests for amendments to zoning bylaws in Huntsville, amendments to Lake of Bays Official Plan and development permit bylaw and to the District of Muskoka for a draft plan of subdivision.

• Langmaid’s Island Corp. filed three appeals in 2018 on the basis that each of the three councils failed to adopt the requested amendments within the allotted deadlines.

• What makes this development unique (and complicated) is that it crosses two municipalities — Lake of Bays, where the island is, and Huntsville, where mainland access is — as well as the District.

Kristyn Anthony reports for Muskokaregion.com through the Local Journalism Initiative, a program funded by the Canadian government.

Kristyn Anthony, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, muskokaregion.com