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Are you going to do a wraparound? Here’s where the new TikTok sound comes from

There’s a new sound making its way through TikTok. Don’t feel out of touch if you haven’t heard it yet — it’ll wraparound to your page soon enough.

This sound is perfect for doubling back on your favorite drink, repeating a certain activity or even giving out hairstyle tips. Just know that by taking an extra step and doing the action again, you’re doing the sound justice.

Where does the “I think I’ll do a wraparound now” TikTok sound come from?

The original audio is a clip from the hit Canadian show The Trailer Park Boys. It ran for seven seasons on Showcase from 2001 to 2008. In this particular episode, actor John Dunsworth was talking to the camera as Jim Lahey in a segment called “Liquor Stories with Jim Lahey.”

It was a recurring segment on the show, but in this particular episode, Lahey discussed the techniques for drinking vodka. He told viewers to start with a small sip, move to bigger sips and finally end with a wraparound — in which you literally wrap the bottle around your neck — and drink straight from the bottle.

The Trailer Park Boys’ official TikTok account posted this clip on Aug. 18, 2021, which was nearly four years after the passing of John Dunsworth. Still, fans and TikTokers everywhere have brought his ethos back online and are paying homage to the comedy great.

Examples of the “I think I’ll do a wraparound now” trend

“Me drinking out of my water bottle every five seconds in class because i’m bored,” @normaniwhereisdaalbum said in her video.

“POV: it’s 9:30am and you just woke up to get a fresh dr Pepper from the fridge,” joked @rolltide617 in his caption.

“POV: you just finished a 12 hour shift and now you have legs,” wrote @_slumberjack_ in his caption while dry-scooping pre-workout in his video.

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