Golf course managers say business is brisk, but so is the weather

Managers of the early bird golf courses in Nova Scotia say their courses are in good shape after a relatively kind winter.

"Everything wintered very well here," said Lynn Doucette, manager of the Yarmouth Golf and Country Club. "We didn't have a lot of snow and it wasn't all that frozen."

At least 15 golf courses are open across the province, only a couple of weeks since the last storms were closing schools and businesses.

Doucette said the perfect winter weather for a golf course is either heavy snow that protects the greens and then melts quickly, or no snow at all. Ice, on the other hand, is bad news.

She said her course, which opened two weeks ago, has fewer no-go areas for golf carts than it's ever had for this time of year.

'People were very eager to come back'

Sergio Garrido, general manager of the Riverrun Golf Club, said his course opened on Tuesday and has been booked solid as one of the only courses in the Truro area to open so early.

"People were very eager to come back, that's for sure," he said, noting that less than two months ago there were hundreds of people out on the course for snowshoeing.

Ben Doane, general manager of the River Hills Golf and Country Club in Clyde River, said the winter was good, if a little long. They opened on April 10 instead of their usual mid-March start.

He said the course has seen its diehards, and he expects the number of customers to pick up when the temperature hits about 15 C.

"It seems to me that spring lasts maybe a month now," he said.

"A little bit of April and into May. It seems like it goes right from winter to a tiny little spring season. We seem to hit summer now early June."​