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FILE - In this Sunday, March 31, 2015 file photo, Brandon McHale and Becky McNulty, of Ambler. Pa., wait for sunrise on Easter morning in Ocean City, N.J. Ocean City was named New Jersey's most popular beach on Thursday July 2, 2015, marking the second year in a row and third time overall that the southern new Jersey resort won an online voting competition. (AP Photo/Mel Evans, File)

Ocean City retains title as New Jersey's most popular beach in annual vote, Wildwood runner-up

The winner and still champion of New Jersey's Top Ten Beaches contest is ... Ocean City! The southern New Jersey beach town that bills itself as "America's Greatest Family Resort" was named the state's most popular beach for the second straight year Thursday. Ocean City is known for its popular boardwalk, amusement rides and mini golf courses, restaurants and bayfront boating and water sports.