Golfer's missing clubs miraculously found on sale at a sporting goods store

In-Kyung Kim’s golf bag went missing on an American Airlines flight in January, but a TV segment and a chance encounter helped her get them back. (AP Photo)

For a golfer, losing your clubs is one of the worst things that can happen. And in January, that happened to pro golfer In-Kyung Kim. While traveling from Miami to San Deigo, her golf clubs went missing. And they weren’t just any clubs. According to Golfweek, they were the set she used to win the Women’s British Open in 2017. 

Thankfully, Kim had a back-up putter to use. But American Airlines’ advice to her wasn’t all that useful. 

Yes, their advice to a professional golfer — who has chosen her clubs carefully over a span of years, and who might even have a club or two that was custom made for her — was to rent a set of clubs. As you can see from the photo she chose for the Instagram post, Kim wasn’t amused by that suggestion.

But a few weeks later, something happened that was a lot more helpful than American Airlines’ suggestion that Kim rent a set of clubs like she’s a newbie on vacation. At the HSBC World Championship, she shot a “What’s in the Bag?” segment with Alison Whitaker, and talked about the loss of her other set of clubs.

That segment led to something miraculous. Three golfers named Jack, Jeff, and Paul saw it on TV, and actually found Kim’s clubs. They were being sold for $60 each at a Play It Again Sports store in southern California. Here’s the reunion between Kim and her clubs at the Carlsbad Police Station.

How exactly the bag and clubs made it to that store is a mystery. (How they made it to the sales floor is even more of a mystery, since Kim’s LPGA badge and other identifying items were still in the pockets of the bag.) But it’s a stroke of luck that Jack, Jeff, and Paul saw them. The three of them are serious golfers, and were able to identify the club of a professional very easily. Once they made the connection between the clubs and the segment they’d seen a few months earlier, they got the police involved and Kim got her clubs back.

As Kim said on the video, “there are good people out there.”

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