Good Neighbour program set to reward neighbours for their good deeds with gift cards

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Good deeds don’t always go unnoticed.

Now they could lead to a gift card to a local business in Chatham-Kent.

A new program that allows residents to report their neighbours for doing good deeds was brought to council last week.

The Good Neighbour program gives residents a chance to nominate their neighbours, so they know their good deeds are recognized and appreciated in the community.

“Chatham-Kent is full of caring residents, businesses and organizations whose acts of kindness, community volunteerism, and neighbourhood pride make a positive impact on their neighbourhood,” the report read.

The program is designed for residents to nominate a person who makes their community a better place through an online community engagement tool, Let’s Talk Chatham-Kent.

The person nominating the neighbour will receive the card and thank you gift and be asked to deliver them to their neighbour. The thank you gift will be a $25 gift card from a local business. The number of nominations for this year will be limited to 100.

“I think this is a fabulous thing for us to be doing,” said Mayor Darrin Canniff. “There are so many great neighbours doing things for other people. It’s a great way to recognize other people.”

As part of eligibility criteria, a Good Neighbour is someone who might: check on a neighbour in need, invite their neighbours to a virtual get together, keep their boulevard or property looking nice, shovel snow for a neighbour, pick up garbage or organize a neighbourhood clean-up or act neighbourly in other ways.

In order to nominate a neighbour, you will need the following information: Nominator’s first and last name, nominator’s email and/or phone number, nominator’s mailing address, name of person or group submitting the nomination, name of the nominee, address of nominee as well as the reasons for nomination.

Teksavvy will be covering the cost of the gift cards through a co-sponsorship of the program. The funds donated from the sponsorship will be used to purchase gift cards from local businesses, helping their recovery from the pandemic.

Bird Bouchard, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Ridgetown Independent News

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