Google finally pulls the plug on Play Music, encourages users to migrate to YouTube Music

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Google has finally bid goodbye to its OG music application, the Google Play Music. Although the company was preparing users for this for over a year, the deed has been done now and the app is no longer available on Android and web. According to media reports, now when the app is being opened, a message flashes on the screen that informs users that 'Google Play Music is no longer available'. Below this big banner, the message adds in smaller fonts that users still can transfer their "library, including playlists and uploads, for a limited time".

No feature of the app is accessible and the application only lets users choose between two options: one is to transfer to YouTube Music and the other is to manage their data. Google had uploaded a transfer guide that might come in handy while making the jump to the newer app. In case, anyone is too heartbroken to do so they can manage their data, going with the second option. Clicking on this link takes users to a site of your Google Play Music account, from where you can download your library and delete the data.

As Android Police, who noticed the update first, reported, changing the date back in your smartphones will not revert the change. The tech portal suggested a way by which one might find their good old Google Play Music back. One might uninstall the app updates, go to the older version of the application and stop auto-update from the Google Play Store. However, there is a chance that this tricking solution is also soon tackled by the tech giant.

In August, Google had updated its timeline of shelving Google Play Music and transferring all users and their data over to YouTube Music. The blog had said that the change will begin in New Zealand and South Africa, where the music app will be shutting off by September 2020. The post had mentioned that for the other regions, Google will be giving time till the end of October to transfer all playlists and music data to YouTube Music.

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