Google's iOS 16 lock screen widgets include a shortcut to Chrome's Dino game

Expect them to arrive in the coming weeks.


Apple released iOS 16 earlier today, and one of the more notable features the update introduces is a redesigned lock screen experience. For the first time, Apple is letting you customize the typeface and accent color of on-screen elements like the date and time. Moreover, you can finally add widgets. As of today, there are a handful of ones from Apple to choose from, but in the coming days and weeks, you can expect most app developers, including Google, to add their own ones.

Google iOS 16 Chrome widgets
Google iOS 16 Chrome widgets (Google)

On Monday, Google detailed what Search, Chrome, Drive, Maps, Gmail and News users can expect once those apps support iOS lock screen widgets. For the most part, there aren’t many surprises here. The majority of the apps will come with several different widgets, allowing you to access some features with one tap. For instance, Chrome widgets include shortcuts to the browser’s incognito mode and voice search functionality. There’s even a separate widget for Chrome’s dinosaur game in case you find yourself without an internet connection and need something to pass the time.

The best part is that you won’t need to go out of your way to download anything. “Once our widgets are available, just press and hold down your Lock Screen to start customizing,” says Google. You can expect them to arrive in the “coming weeks,” according to the company.