Google’s upcoming flagship phone leaks after someone leaves it in a cab

Rob Waugh
Someone left a prototype Pixel 3 XL in a Lyft ride (GOOG, GOOGL)

In previous years, Apple has faced leaks of supposedly ‘secret’ new handsets after early testers left their units in bars – but this year it’s Google’s turn.

A sharp-eyed cab driver realised that a phone left behind in the back of his Lyft cab (a service similar to Uber) was no ordinary Android – but an early model of the Pixel 3 XL.

The driver, a Pixel 2 XL owner, snapped images of the device – which includes a notch, similar to the one on iPhone X, for the first time.

It also has an all-glass back.

The driver then contacted the passengers and returned the device safely, Android Police reports.

The phone was left in a Lyft cab

Google is expected to introduce new Pixel devices at a hardware event in October, after Apple’s launch of its new iPhone devices this month.


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As per previous leaks, Google is expected to launch both an ‘XL’ device with a notch, and a smaller Pixel 3 device with no notch.

It’s also expected to launch separate wired headphones (which plug in via the USB-C slot) for both devices.