GOP congressman describes what a coup would be like: 'There’s gonna be death'

Repreprestative Adam Kinzinger (R - IL) appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday where he responded to the growing sentiment among some supporters of former President Donald Trump, calling for a military coup to oust President Biden. This comes on the heels of former Trump National Security Advisor and retired Army general Michael Flynn saying over the weekend that there should be a coup in the U.S.

“A lot of people, you know, imagine that a coup or an armed insurrection is just going to be like camping out with the boys. It's going to be a great time drinking some PBRs. That's not true,” Kinzinger said. “There’s gonna be death, and that death is gonna be people you love.”

Kinzinger went on to address the belief among some Trump supporters that the military would be on their side if there were to be a government overthrow.

“It's time that we get past fetishizing the violence in this. It’s time that we get past fetishizing this idea of overthrowing the government, and the second amendment encouraging us to overthrow the government,” Kinzinger said. “That is reserved for times, frankly, if there is a military coup, which won’t happen because no military member in the United States military that takes the oath seriously would participate.”

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