GOP Congressman Gushes Over Nancy Pelosi And Bashes Kevin McCarthy

Rep. Tim Burchett (R-Tenn.) on Thursday lauded former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and dissed current Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.). (Watch the video below.)

When CNN’s Kaitlan Collins asked the lawmaker if he still supported McCarthy, Burchett said he had his doubts. He then veered into praise for Pelosi, who was often demonized by the GOP during her long reign as speaker and Democratic leader.

“I have my questions. ... We need leadership, ma’am,” Burchett said. “We don’t need someone just to say we’ve got 218 votes or whatever that jumps on the train after it leaves the station.”

Burchett said Pelosi was an example of how to get things done.

“I don’t agree with her ever, hardly on anything, but she was pretty successful, and the way she did it was she put an issue out amongst her caucus,” he said. “She met with them. She figured out what they wanted. And then they put it on the floor and they passed it. And they rallied around it.”

“A lot of work goes into that,” Burchett continued. “But we’re not seeing that; I’m not seeing that work right now. And it’s very disappointing to me.”

Collins noted how rare it was for a Republican to praise Pelosi. Burchett said they were friends and that the former speaker was kind to him when his daughter was badly injured in a horse-riding accident.

The GOP-controlled House has wobbled under McCarthy. Handicapped by hardliners, Republicans couldn’t muster enough votes to advance a defense-funding bill on Thursday. McCarthy sent the lawmakers home without a solution to prevent a looming government shutdown.

Burchett shared on X, formerly Twitter, that he was “disgusted.”