Gord Downie wins readers' pick for Canadian newsmaker of the year

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    Brit in Canada
    . Who the hell put Trudeau in that list?!
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    just another has been
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    Pretty sad you have to come down with brain cancer to be considered Canada's news story of the year.

    Of course when he was healthy everyone ignored this dude lol, except for people that like their band.

    then tragedy hits and all the empty headed lemmings jump on the band wagon. so why not show your sympathy to all those kids in the children's hospital who suffer bigger and harder than this guy has
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    Downey can not compete with the head idiot of our country. Trudeau is such a huge embarrassment he belongs in a class by himself. Stupidity and disappointment should make him a walkaway for the award.
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    JT's name included for what? For keeping CBC alive? lol
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    Seann s
    An excellent choice for the award. He has instilled values into everyones lives, through his lyrics and music. It will be a sad day when he passes.
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    A great man who's backed by the best band ever.
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    Tragically Hip sucked to the point irrelevance before and still do. Die Gord Downie and spare us from your marginally creative genius. A genuine CBC celebrity. Too bad we don't have a Canadian version of Hollywood Squares.
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    Dick Burn
    Gord Downie Syndrome can't leave soon enough!
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    Jane Doe
    If Gord Downie is the best Canadians can come up with as "newsmaker of the year", then it's a sad reflection on the mediocrity of our entire culture. In fact thousands of other hard-working Canadians got incurable cancer and they wrote much better songs, could actually sing, and didn't pretend to be gurus in the hackneyed politics of Aboriginals.