'It Got Hit by a Car': Man Rescues Injured Seagull Left on Road

An injured seagull’s luck turned around when a good Samaritan rescued the seabird after spotting it lying on a road in Buffalo, New York.

Anthony Gattuso filmed his boyfriend, Sterling Mills, getting into his car while nursing the gull in his hands. In the video posted to Instagram on August 7, Gattuso is hesitant to let the bird into the vehicle but Mills’ determination to help wins out.

“It got hit by a car,” Mills contests, adding, “We’re going to take care of him.”

Mills’ three children can be heard off-camera enthusiastically embracing the idea of having their “own pet seagull”, which Gattuso told Storyful they later named Greg.

“We’re going to nurse him back to health,” one of the children says.

Gattuso said they took Greg to a local wildlife vet the following day. Credit: Anthony Gattuso via Storyful