‘Gotham’ Sneak Peek: ‘I’m Gonna Rip Her Head Right Off Her Body’

As Wonder Woman prepares to dominate the big screen, the women of Gotham have already taken over the small screen. Firefly, Ivy Pepper, Selina Kyle, and a newly returned Fish Mooney will all be in next Monday’s season finale, but the real heat is between Gordon’s two ex-fiancées, Lee and Barbara — and Tabitha’s caught in the middle.

As always, Butch is still scheming, but even before infecting herself with the Tetch virus, Lee was more than a match for him. She faces off with Tabitha — who definitely is a match for her — and doesn’t bat an eye.

There is a near-endless list of grudges and/or reconciliations to be settled as Gotham heads into its third season finale. Will Lee be able to rip Barbara’s head “right off her body” and rekindle her romance with James, who she once swore to kill? Will Oswald manage to convince Fish that he’s worth more alive than dead? Will Butch and Tabitha turn on Barbara before Nygma has a chance to? It’s anybody’s guess who survives this one.

The Season 3 finale of Gotham airs Monday, June 5 at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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