'We Gotta Go!': Sirens Sound as Iron Dome Intercepts Missiles Fired From Gaza Above Ashkelon, Israel

Sirens sounded in Ashkelon, Israel, as the Iron Dome defence system intercepted several missiles fired at the city from Gaza early on May 11.

Six people were injured after rockets struck two homes in the city in southern Israel, according to local news reports.

The Israel Defence Force (IDF) claimed over 200 rockets were sent into the country and retaliated with launches of its own into Gaza. The IDF said it killed 15 Hamas “terrorists”, while the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Gaza said 20 people including 9 children were killed.

“I had to run back home which is two minutes from the house. People were running and panicking,” Nikia Shantrice Browne, who filmed this video, told Storyful. Credit: Nikia Shantrice Browne via Storyful

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