Florida governor won't say whether he will sign gun bill

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    Come On !!! Who needs a weapon that is not used for hunting, but is used for killing people ???? The Republican Party had better wake up & make the necessary changes or they will never ever be re elected. This is not 1800. The 2nd. amendment
    was not intended to include these horrific weapons.
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    2nd amendment,2nd amendment......Its my RIGHT to have easy and readily available access to a weapon that can empty 40 round mags in under 12 seconds.

    Its my constitutional right to be able to buy as many 20, 30 , 40 round mags as I want. And to defend myself from my government.
    What if Trump makes himself President for life !! Who is going to defend the constitution,...and take him out. ??
    I need my 3 SA rifles and my 12 , 40 round mags ...to defend my country, and fight off the home invaders that surround me............
    And what if King George the 3rd decides to retake the USA !!!

    2nd amendment !. 2nd amendment !
    If it was relevant 271 years ago .... It is relevant and still correct to day.

    Owning 20 , 30 and 40 round mags is MY Right under the constitution of 1791 !! It says so.