Government changes procedure for exempting employees from conscription

A Ukrainian soldier with their national patch
A Ukrainian soldier with their national patch

Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers has amended the procedure responsible for allowing companies to exempt employees from military conscription, according to Resolution No. 520 of the Cabinet of Ministers, dated May 8.

Previously, companies could submit lists of employees deemed "critical to operations" to the General Staff of the Armed Forces – this list will now be sent to the Ministry of Defense, which will ensure the lists comply with the requirements for exemptions.

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Conscription exemptions

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Certain categories of institutions and organizations may receive permission to exempt their employees from conscrption during martial law, according to Cabinet Resolution No. 76. Any organizations that qualify for exemption will have different requirements to fulfil, and will need to submit documents for obtaining a permit for exemption, in addition to their list of exempted employees.

This exemption process has some limits, such as a stipulation that no more than 50% of an organization or company's draft-eligible workers can be exempted. The organization can attempt to exempt more employees, if they can justify this expansion to the Ministry.

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