Grab some pop in your lineup with these two outfielders

Yahoo Fantasy’s Scott Pianowski and Andy Behrens explain why fantasy managers should grab Andrew Vaughn and Kyle Schwarber this season.

Video Transcript

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: I'm Scott. That's Andy. It's the outfield, and it's conviction plays. Behrens give me something to believe in.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, listen, if you're going to give me the opportunity to hype Kyle Schwarber, I'm going to do it. So let's talk about him a little bit. He's coming off a 46-homer season, and absolutely every projection system likes him for 38 or 40 more. This isn't somebody who's going to regress to some silly number.

Also, Schwarber has been heavily shifted throughout his career. That is no longer a worry, can't do it. He's also a sneaky opportunistic base stealer too, so base stealing environment is going to be a little bit more friendly. I would fully expect him to get 8, 9, 10 bags. There's everything to like here.

The Phillies lineup, particularly at the top, is absolutely loaded. So I think there's a realistic chance for a season that looks like-- I don't know-- 100, 45, 90 and a batting average this year north of 250. That's a heck of a fantasy season.

SCOTT PIANOWSKI: Because the Phillies love his OBP skills, so he'll bat first or second all season. I think Kyle Schwarber has a great draft target. I'm going to get a lot of Andrew Vaughn this year, former number three overall pick. He's been OK through two years with the White Sox, not great, so people have moved on to the buzzier, younger prospects, settles in at first base this year.

This team ran very unlucky with its lineup last season. A lot of players got hurt. If they can get better health, I think it's maybe a top five, top six offense in Major League Baseball. So I'm going to draft a lot of White Sox this year, but Andrew Vaughn certainly among them.

Development is not always linear. Sometimes, it takes a while for a player to get into his prime years. I think Andrew Vaughn breaks out in 2023.