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Grab this nifty tool that makes shoveling easier on your back for just $10 at Amazon

It's shoveling season, baby, and we're not even halfway through it! If you dread this arduous task, we've found a product designed to make the job a whole lot easier. The BackEZ Tool Handle Attachment is an extra handle that snaps onto snow shovels, rakes and other yard/gardening gadgets to give you better leverage, keep you from crouching and help protect you from straining your back. Hallelujah! Plus, this handy gizmo happens to be marked down just in time for clearing out your driveway.

Yard work and cleaning just got a whole lot easier.

$10 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

We can't think of many instances in which $10 isn't a fair price, but for something with the potential to minimize painful back bending and straining (with over 1,800 perfect ratings to back it up), we can fairly call this a steal. We haven't seen this tool dip any lower all year, and the fact that it can be used for so many purposes — shoveling, raking, gardening, sweeping — makes it an even worthier investment.

Why do I need this?

If you live in an area that requires lots of shoveling and raking, you've probably experienced your fair share of day-after-aches. You have to get low enough for proper leverage, but an afternoon of contorting one's body is sure to cause discomfort, whether it's in your back, hips or even wrists.

BackEZ works like this: You attach it to your shovel, rake, broom, hoe — whatever tool you intend to use — by loosening its bolts via an included Allen key. Then, slide it over the handle towards the lower area you would normally grab with your hand, and tighten the bolts again to secure it. Easy enough! Now, you'll be able to grip the lower part of the handle without bending over as much (check out the photo below for reference).

While reducing back strain would certainly make this gadget a welcome addition to any home, you might also find that it helps prevent blisters and hand soreness, thanks to its ergonomic grip, while keeping your wrists in better alignment.

someone shoveling with the back tool attached to their shovel / the yellow backez
The weather outside might be frightful, but shoveling with this back tool will make the job (somewhat) more delightful. (Amazon)

What reviewers say

"Want to save your back? This inexpensive, ingenious design will fit the bill," wrote a rave reviewer. "I live in the Northeast. We get some decent heavy snowfalls on occasion. My back is usually sore for days from the bending and lifting. With this nifty addition to my shovel, it is so much easier to lift a heavy shovel full of snow. Now, instead of my back, my left arm can carry half the weight. It is a more balanced way so that my back doesn't go out on me. It's a great workout now. ... Inexpensive and a life-changer!"

"Finally found a good tool to help my back," shared a satisfied shopper. "Really takes the pain out of digging and lifting in the garden. Just wish there was a quick-change option. It's sturdy, easy on the hands and I'll be buying a second one."

"I'm ... 66 years old with advanced arthritis in my hip," said another content customer. "I would never be able to manage all the snow shoveling we've had lately without this amazing gadget! ... Makes a huge difference with less strain on both my back and hip, and I'm able to clean up snow in about half the time I've needed in the past. You can't go wrong with this little tool, even if you don't have back/hip problems."

"Easy to attach, lightweight, sturdy, comfortable to hold," gushed a final fan. "Extremely helpful when trying to hold long-handled lawn and garden tools or brooms, especially when arthritis prevents your wrists from bending normally. A real game-changer!"

'Grab' it in red, yellow or this cool blue!

$10 at Amazon

Another strain-reducing device we love? The FiPlus PowerGrip T9 Grabber Tool, which is also on sale (50% off!):

Think of this gadget as a 32" extension of your arm, allowing you to grasp items above and below without painful reaching or bending. Its rubber claws ensure a secure grip, and it even folds down when not in use.

$9 at Amazon

"I’m 71 with serious back issues that keep me from bending over much at all," wrote an impressed shopper. "These grabbers have helped me literally hundreds of times over the four months I’ve owned them. I have picked up everything from a vitamin E gelcap to a can of tomatoes. Highly recommended and will buy again whenever I wear these out."

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