Grace Robotti found guilty of murdering Roxanne Louie, mother of her great-grandson

Grace Robotti sentenced to life in prison for murdering mother of her great-grandson

A Kelowna jury has found Grace Robotti guilty of second-degree murder in the death of Roxanne Louie, the mother of her great-grandson.

Louie, 26, who lived in Vancouver, was killed in Penticton in January 2015 while visiting friends and family during the holidays. Robotti and her brother, Pier Louise Robboti, were arrested and charged a week later. 

During the trial, the court heard how Louie died after she was hit in the head 26 times with a crowbar. The jury also heard that tensions were high between Louie and Robotti, centred mostly around the care of Louie's three-year-old daughter.

Grace Robotti admitted to delivering the blows that killed Louie, but her lawyer said she was acting in self defense.Pier Louis Robotti had previously pleaded guilty to interfering with a dead body, information that was protected by a publication ban until Grace's verdict. 

Lawyers finished delivering their final arguments on Wednesday.

The jury began their deliberations Thursday morning and issued their verdict that evening. 

Robotti, who was released on bail, declined comment as she left the courthouse.

A sentencing date is unknown, but another court date is scheduled for later in April. 

With files from Brady Strachan