Treaty 6 Grand Chief, an award-winning athlete, wants Olympic aspirations to give Indigenous youth hope

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    george s
    Sorry Dude... Canada only put 1 team out there! As a tax payer that is more than enough!
    Please join us as full participants in this great country of ours!
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    You are welcome Indians for the white man games. We hope you enjoy all we provide for you and the cheque is in the mail.
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    I am all for an FN Olympic team. The Jamaican bobsled team was comical too. FN people just cannot compete at an Olympic level. Perhaps they are better suited for the Special Olympics.
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    abos in the olympics? when did the approve the Oxy toss game
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    They won’t get anywhere unless you start drying up the reserves. They’ll end up drunks and junkies like their parents.

    Good luck