Grandmas are printing out selfies and framing them because they're just so cute

Teens are sharing on social media how their grandparents are printing and framing their selfies. (Photo: Getty Images)

Grandmothers everywhere are pulling a Kim Kardashian and turning selfies into works of art. As bewildered teens and young adults have started to share on Twitter, some grandparents are printing out selfies and framing them. Is the selfie the new school portrait?

“My grandma prints out my selfies,” a girl who goes by mmelissa wrote on Twitter. Commenters loved the sweet gesture. “She color coordinated the frame to your jacket I’m crying,” someone replied. “This is so wholesome,” wrote another.

The teens seem to be getting a kick out of their adorable grandmas. “My grandma has a selfie of me hanging up in her living room…she’s so sweet lol I love her,” wrote Maddi B. on Twitter.

Landyn Bacanskas’s grandma framed a classic 2017 selfie: mirror pic, duck face, and phone visible in the photo. She even seems to have pulled the picture directly from Facebook … but Landyn still loves it. Look how happy she is holding it!

Nadia’s grandma printed out this photo, Snapchat filters and all.

Apparently, grandmas across the country have Snapchat filters framed on their tables and walls. Peyton’s sass here clearly deserves a frame.

Lauren Pattison’s grandma has the selfie on display next to a baby picture — a perfect juxtaposition.

Emma scored a real badge of honor — it was her boyfriend’s grandma who printed out her selfie. “My boyfriend’s grandma was upset that I was not in the family picture she has hung up so she printed out my selfie…” she wrote. Note: Her photo is 10 times bigger than that of any of the actual family members in the portrait. Grandma clearly has a favorite future granddaughter-in-law.

Grandma is doing a great job of helping memorialize not just this selfie but whatever vacation her grandson was on at the time.

Thanks to Twitter, we now know exactly what we’re getting everyone for the holidays — a framed selfie, preferably with filters added on.

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