Grandson misses slight detail in Easter photo to grandparents

The Easter greetings text exchange between Twitter user @dougiegow8 and his grandparents. Photo from Twitter

A Florida man is slyly owning up to his poor cropping skills after sending his grandparents a revealing photo on Easter.

The culprit, who goes by the handle @dougiegow8 on Twitter, shared the seemingly inconspicuous photo on his account.

“So I sent my grandparents our easter pic..” he tweeted, along with a screen grab of a photo texted to his grandparents, who are listed as Gramma and Papa Jack in his phone.

“Hope you had fun!” reads the text that precedes the wholesome photo the young man shared with his grandparents.

In it, he wears a pink checkered button-down shirt, khakis and novelty socks and is cuddled up on a backyard patio deck next to a blond woman wearing a peach top. It’s followed by a text that reads “Happy Easter,” with a series of emojis.

“Thank you! Hope you had a great Easter! Nice photo,” the elders write in response.

The next photo in the Tweet shows a close-up of a pipe that’s placed next to the couple on the deck, which wasn’t cropped out of the original photo. It seems @dougiegow8 isn’t too bothered by his flub, as the tweet has since been shared more than 1,000 times.

It’s unclear if Gramma and Papa Jack have yet clued in to the small detail.

You could call it a smoking gun… or a smoking pipe.

The smoking gun…or pipe. Photo from Twitter