Grant would be used to bring events and people downtown

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Southgate staff reports and budgets for a few years have been forecasting municipal investment to make stores on the west side of Proton St. North accessible, and also to create an open event space.

Council recently gave staff the go-ahead to apply for a grant from OMAFRA rural economic development to support a project.

CAO Dave Milliner was not optimistic about the application succeeding, saying that RED is not overly supportive of capital projects.

He included a map showing the middle of Proton Street closed off to create space in the centre of the block to address accessibility. This would also tie in to creating space for events. A traffic loop into the parking lot would allow for through traffic.

The vision portrayed in the sketch is in “very early stages,” he said adding that the township would have to engage with the community.

With the new building coming on Proton Street, he said the proposal “starts a conversation about what downtown should look like in five or 10 years.

Coun. Martin Shipston said the township should get the business people involved. He said parking is a big issue, although he didn’t think much would be lost.

Mr. Milliner said that the township owns most of the new medical centre parking lot, which could be an option.

Council raised the fact that there were concept drawings done by Joan Burt Architect in 2010. The CAO agreed that if people were interested they could dig those back out.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald