Did Grayson Allen trip a North Carolina player ... with his butt?

It’s been a long time since “Grayson Allen” and “trip” found their way into the same headline. Over a year, in fact. But on Friday night, college basketball’s most notorious tripper was back at it … kind of … maybe.

At least nobody can accuse Allen of not evolving, though. He’s moved on from tripping with his legs. That was soooo 2016-17. This is 2018, and it appears Allen has moved on to tripping opponents with his butt:

Was it intentional? You can decide for yourselves. The referees, after reviewing the play assessed Allen a flagrant 1 for the hip-check, which was really a butt-check, on North Carolina’s Garrison Brooks.

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In real-time, the play looked like a normal, inadvertent collision. But replays seemed to indicate there might have been some intent.

Allen became college basketball’s favorite villain two seasons ago when he tripped opponents on two separate occasions, one against Florida State, one against Louisville. He was then suspended last season for a third tripping incident. That one was more of a kick.

This one was certainly less vicious, and wouldn’t really qualify as a trip if it weren’t for Allen’s history. Honestly, it would be a total non-story if it weren’t for Allen’s history.

But the internet now explodes every time any of Allen’s limbs stray from a rigid post. And you could argue that the Duke senior has brought the scrutiny upon himself.

Grayson Allen earned a flagrant 1 for this foul on North Carolina’s Garrison Brooks at the ACC tournament. (Screenshot: ESPN)

North Carolina led Duke 36-31 at halftime of the second ACC tournament semifinal. The winner moves on to play top-seeded and top-ranked Virginia in Saturday’s championship game.