Great Dane Puppy Flawlessly Imitates A Hopping Bunny

Raven is Great Dane puppy who is living her best life and loving every minute of it. She has free run of several acres at home, with trees and fields to explore. She runs free in the nearby forest almost daily, enjoying long hikes with her owners. She sleeps by the fire in the evening and sprawls across a king size bed at night. But one of Raven's absolute favourite things to do is to go to the cottage and explore the wilderness, smelling deer, moose, and chipmunks. She wants to befriend all of the forest animals and her tail wags excitedly when she catches the scent of what could be a new friend. Raven is hot on the trail of a very wild chipmunk and it is likely that the chippy has never seen a dog before. Wanting no part of such a huge predator, the chipmunk scurried through the undergrowth, rustling loudly as it went. Raven leaps and bounds, barely able to contain herself as she tries to catch up. Raven is like a big child who loves the adventure that each new day brings. This particular trail leads from the lakeshore at the family cottage, deep into the woods in an area where people seldom wander. The scents and sights of this forested paradise are enough to keep a Great Dane happy for hours. When Raven's family stopped for a picnic on this day, she knew that they had also brought a little treat for her as well. She wolfed down an egg sandwich and some kibble before they made the long journey back to the lake. When they arrived, Raven headed straight for her oversized stuffed bed in front of the fire. She snored happily for a few hours until bedtime. As she dreamed, her legs twitched and she looked as if she was chasing chipmunks in her dreams.