Great Dane Puppy Trembles Over Duck Feather At Water's Edge

Raven is a big, brave Great Dane with a deep bark and big dog confidence, but when her humans took her for a hike in the woods, they watched her tremble at the sight of a feather floating at the edge of a pond. Raven runs free when they hike and she isn't afraid of much. She barks ferociously when she thinks something big is in the woods. Dogs, even big ones like Raven can occasionally react with surprising fear at the oddest things. As she sniffed at the edge of this pond, her people watched curiously. They wondered if she smelled a beaver or a bear, but then they realized it was a few duck feathers floating on the surface of the water. Her hackles were up, her tail was tucked and she jumped as if startled. It's hard not to laugh at a 160 pound scaredy cat like Raven. Once she figured out that there was no monster or ferocious beast lurking in the water, she relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the hike.