Ottawa cyclists throw mud in Great Fender Debate

Ottawa cyclists throw mud in Great Fender Debate

While offering his tips for cycling in wet weather on the first day of Bike to Work Month, Ottawa's Cyclelogik owner Ian Fraser weighed in on the fender debate that played out on Twitter Monday morning.

Speaking to CBC Radio's All in a Day, Fraser said bike fenders, also known as mudguards, are a "practical" way for cyclists to stay clean on the road and keep their fellow two-wheeled commuters happy.

But Alex DeVries, board member of Citizens for Safe Cycling, lambasted the add-ons as "fussy and overrated" in a tweet.

"Oh, I see. You've been had by big-bike marketing," he said on Twitter.

Fraser disagreed.

"It's nice not to be continually bombarded by the trail of dirt and sand and grit coming off the road and hitting your back. I think it's a nice thing," he told CBC Radio.

"When you're riding in groups with other people it's de rigeur, for sure."

Twitter user @cfulgham said if she's got the proper rain gear on, she's fine biking without fenders.

Meanwhile, other local cyclists on Twitter pledged their allegiance to the fender.

Fraser's tips for safe cycling in the rain

- Wear gloves.

- Put a plastic bag between your socks and shoes.

- Wear breathable layers.

- Make eye contact with drivers because their visibility might be reduced behind a wet windshield.

- Don't wear a poncho.

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