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Whether you're 3 or 30, it'll never not be fun to watch miniature cars zoom around a miniature track at ridiculous speeds. Because of this absolutely undeniable fact, we put together this list of slot car sets for all skill levels from beginner all the way up to enthusiast. If you're looking for gift ideas for the holidays or just looking to treat yo' self, we bet you'll find something that catches your eye here.


Carrera GO!!! DTM Master Class Electric Slot Car Racing Track Set 1:43 Scale - $109.93

This 1:43 scale set from Carrera is a great base system to get you started. Not only is it a full, fun set in and of itself, it's also totally expandable. There's even a turbo boost button for some added strategy to your races. Slot car sets get more realistic at larger scales (more on that later), so expect a few gimmicks here like loop-de-loops, but that's all part of the fun. You can snag this set right here for just $109.93.

Carrera Go!!! Extension Set #2 - $31.99

Speaking of tracks being expandable, here's an example! This extension set provides 11 extra track pieces compatible with the 1:43 scale track above. The pieces include 4 straights measuring 13.46", 2 straights measuring 4.48", 2 fly over incline supports, 1 narrow section, and 2 lane change sections. If you're looking to expand your track you can pick up this extension set for $31.99 right now.


Scalextric Digital Sunset Speedway 1:32 Scale - $349.99

This 1:32 scale kit takes basically everything to the next level. Bigger, more detailed cars, up to 6 racers at a time, and the best part is that the entire experience can be wirelessly managed from your smartphone or tablet. This set is a great choice for gadget geeks and people who love to get into the nitty gritty of managing the races. You can even go so far as to modify the individual acceleration characteristics for the car. Pretty cool, right? If that sounds like your thing you can pick up the Sunset Speedway kit for $339.99 right here. 


Carrera Double Victory Digital 124 Slot Car Racing Track Set System 1:24 Scale - $599.99

"Alright Autoblog, I've been racing cars in slots since the damn day I was born and I'm gonna need you to show me something a little more my speed." Well okay fictitious internet commenter, how does this tickle your fancy? If the last kit in our list took everything to a different level, then this one takes everything to a different planet. At 1:24 scale the cars are super detailed, the action is super fast, and the tracks start to get a lot more "serious". No loop-de-loops for these big boys. This set comes with wireless controllers and features push-button lane changes with up to 4 racers at once. If you want to get serious about slot car racing, this is probably the set you'll be wanting to take a look at. You can grab it right here for $576.12.


Carrera Digital 124/132 Position Tower - $86.99
If you're in the slot car game deep enough to be considering a 1:24 scale track, you might as well add this awesome position tower. This one is compatible with both Carrera's 1:24 scale sets and 1:32 scale sets. The accessory can be picked up here for $83.99.

Carrera First Nintendo Mario Kart Slot Car Race Track - $33.57

Not ready to shell out half a grand on a toy for grownups? We understand. Here's a much more affordable option for those looking to get the whole family involved in the racing action. The Carrera First series of kits feature lovable licensed properties the kids are sure to recognize like Mario Kart, Disney's Cars, and even Paw Patrol. They're also made for ages 3 and up and are perfect for beginners. This set is actually on sale right now for 23% off, so you can pick it up for a limited time for just $30.75.


Scalextric Micro Hyper-Cars Race Slot Car Set (1:64 Scale) - $64.95

Last but not least (unless you're counting stature) there are even 1:64 scale slot car tracks that provide all the fun of a larger track but in a much smaller space. The vehicles are made to be "super resistant" and are fitted with strong magnets to reduce the odds of the cars flying off the track when whipping around a corner at speed. If you're dying to do some racing, but don't want to dedicate a lot of space to it, this is the kit for you. You can pick up this kit on Amazon right now for $84.99.


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