Green Party leader Mark Schreiner tours Windsor

Green Party leader Mark Schreiner tours Windsor

Provincial Green Party leader Mark Schreiner waved his political colours in Windsor Wednesday during a tour of southwestern Ontario.

During a stop at Anchor Coffee House, Schreiner met with supporters in the hopes of making inroads in a region that is usually either NDP orange or Liberal red.

Schreiner assumed hydro costs would be a major issue in the region, but he said a few unexpected topics popped up during his visit as well, including school closures and the new mega-hospital proposed for County Road 42.

"Obviously, jobs are also front and centre for people," he said.

Schreiner has been critical of the provincial government, particularly on the issue of rising hydro costs. He says the province needs a green building plan that would cut costs for retrofitting businesses and homes.   

"That saves money today, tomorrow and well into the future," he said. 

Schreiner was critical of the government's plan to cut hydro bills by 17 per cent by stretching the cost of building and refurbishing power plants over a longer period of time.

That plan just defers bills to future hydro customers, Schreiner said.

"This is really taking money out of one pocket and putting it into another pocket and charging (hydro costs) to your kids' credit card," he told CBC News.