Greenhouse light emissions reduced

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The Municipality of Chatham-Kent will implement a new bylaw to lessen the amount of greenhouse light emissions to replace an interim bylaw that expires May 10.

The bylaw requires the installation of blackout curtains on the sidewalls, end walls and ceilings of lit greenhouses to be used between the hours of sunset to sunrise.

“As more greenhouses have incorporated artificial lighting into their operations, so has the volume of light that emanates from these facilities into the nighttime sky and onto adjacent properties,” stated

Gabriel Clarke, C-K Manager, Growth & Sustainability, in an administration report at the April 24 Council meeting. “The negative impact that artificial lighting can have on the quality of life is particularly evident in areas that feature a high concentration of greenhouses.”

The bylaw includes an allowance for increased light emissions for ceiling venting, which will allow greenhouse operators to retract ceiling curtains up to 10 percent for venting purposes between the times of sunset to 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. to sunrise.

An 18-month phase-in period will be put in place to give existing greenhouse operators time to comply with the new regulation.

Council also approved South Kent Councillor Trevor Thompson’s amendment for a public meeting to be considered to change the zoning bylaw to regulate the location of large field greenhouses between 300 and 750 metres from village and residential zones.

Michael Bennett, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Ridgetown Independent News