Greens' Annamie Paul asks party execs for 'space to unify,' tells PM to 'back off'

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OTTAWA — Green Leader Annamie Paul is asking party brass and the prime minister to give her "the space to unify" the party ahead of a general meeting that could serve as a referendum on her leadership.

Party executives have demanded Paul publicly reconcile with Green MP Paul Manly — and repudiate a former adviser's remarks about antisemitism — or else they would begin a process that could trigger a leadership review when grassroots members meet in August.

Paul also sees menace beyond the walls from the Liberals, who took part in what she is calling "shady backroom deals" and a "craven" ploy to win over New Brunswick MP Jenica Atwin.

She crossed the floor to the Liberals last week, leaving the Greens with two seats in the House of Commons, including the one held by former party leader Elizabeth May.

Paul says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau undermined the Greens' feminist goals, telling him today to "back off."

The turmoil currently rocking the Greens relates to feuds over views on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as broader tussles over power and authority within the party.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published June 17, 2021.

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