Greeting card has accidental fascist message in it

A British greeting card maker is feeling the heat after a sharp-eyed consumer noticed a rather alarming alternate message on one of its cards.

The card in question was spotted by Reddit user LucyLilyPadd, who posted an image of the offending item online:

The card in question. Photo from Reddit

Of course, the intended message is “Glitter is my favourite colour.” But look at the cursive writing in another way, and it’s also possible to read the card as saying, “Hitler is my favourite colour.”

As many commenters on the thread were quick to point out, neither glitter nor Hitler are colours, so the card is a bit of a fail no matter how you read it.

The company that makes the card, Next, was quick to jump in and try to settle the dispute.

“The card most definitely says ‘glitter is my favourite colour’ and we’re very sorry if the decorative font used distorts this in any way,” a spokesperson told The Daily Mail.

There something about glitter and the 20th century’s most notorious dictator that seem inexplicably connected — just check out this parody video of Hitler throwing glitter at Rick Santorum, or this photo gallery titled “Goose Steps and Glitter,” from an extremely glittery production of the The Producers.

It seems the human subconscious — and therefore the internet — can’t help but pair two so diametrically opposed things. The Führer would be horrified.