Greg Cote Show podcast: Is Greg an awful name? The Gregs respond! (How do you feel about your name?)

The newest episode of The Greg Cote Show podcast is out now, and let’s get right to the heart of it: Is “Greg” the worst name ever? Can it possibly be true?

A female accuser says so; says she would never date a Greg.

A couple of Gregs defend themselves and defend growing up Greg in a strange, fun conversation listeners of any name can relate to because ... well, how much do you love your name? Aren’t given names just something we accept and sort of forget about?

This is our 23rd episode of 2023 and 169th overall (including an emergency bonus episode last week on the Heat and Panthers’ dual run to the Finals) and we welcome you back as always. Also on this week’s new menu:

“Gooch grease.” Is it a real thing? The odd phrased was trending on Twitter. . Apparently guys are, well, the topic is a bit uncomfortable. So listen, if you dare.

Greg does a callback to our emergency episode and explains mistakes he made in accusing Christopher of going through life carrying around a wet blanket. (But makes more mistakes explaining his mistakes.)

A listener calls in who is an expert on the Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota.

Greg gets bumped from a guest spot on MSNBC by the damned debt-ceiling agreement.

A quick update on my racehorse, Calmly, because all of you by which I mean none of you have been clamoring for it.

Summertime swimming pool routines and go-to dives.

Yeti vs. the word “podcast.”

New Dad Jokes and the latest edition of Three, Facts, Jack!

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