Grey County approves Georgian Woodlands extension

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Grey County council has approved a three-year extension for approval of the Georgian Woodland Phase 4 development in Craigleith.

At its meeting on July 14, county council approved the recommendation that the extension be granted as part of its consent agenda. There were no comments or objections from members of council to the report.

Georgian Woodlands is a multi-phase development in Craigleith, just south of Highway 26. It was originally approved by the Ontario Municipal Board (now the Ontario Land Tribunal or OLT) in 2010. A number of phases of the development have been completed.

Extensions for the development were granted previously in 2013, 2016 and 2019. The current draft plan approval is set to lapse on August 17, 2022.

“The proponent has indicated that they are nearing an engineering submission to the town on Phase 4-2. Phase 4-1 has been registered and largely constructed,” county Director of Planning Scott Taylor said in his report.

The Town of The Blue Mountains recently supported the developer’s request for an extension. The OLT will make the final decision.

“The proponent has requested a 10-year draft plan extension, but in accordance with what was supported by the Town of The Blue Mountains, county staff are recommending a three-year draft plan extension,” said Taylor.

Chris Fell, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,

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