Grey County gets more money for in-home care of vulnerable seniors by paramedics

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Friday brought news of new provincial money coming to Grey County to support a special paramedicine program for seniors who are on a wait list for long-term care .

Health Minister Dr. Merrilee Fullerton called community paramedicine “a significant solution” to support people so they don’t end up having a health crisis while on the list.

A virtual media conference took place last Friday with the Minister of Long-Term Care and MP Bill Walker, as well as the Grey County Warden and health care providers.

Paramedic Rick Trombley told a story to illustrate how the model brings care to people.

He visited a woman who lives alone in a farm house, and she had a new cough. He assessed her and found a lung infection. He connected with a health care provider and a prescription was delivered, and her infection, caught early, was gone in a week-and-a-half.

In addition to the existing community clients they see, Grey County paramedics now will give in-home care to seniors who are on wait lists for long-term care.

Those people will be taken into the program through different avenues – when they visit emergency, on discharge from the hospital, or on recommendation from a health care provider familiar with their chronic health problems, the Minister said in answer to a question from the Herald/Advance.

Health Minister Fullerton said that on average the wait time in Ontario is now 132 days, but can be half-a-year or sometimes longer.

Decreasing hospitalization is one of the main measures of success of the program, which has proven itself among the general population in Grey.

This new program is funded through the Ministry of LTC and is in addition to the community paramedicine through the Ministry of Health.

Its particular focus is on seniors on wait lists.

M.T. Fernandes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Dundalk Herald