Grey County updates communications strategy

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Grey County is updating and modernizing how it communicates with the public.

At its meeting on July 28, county council approved an updated communications strategy for the organization.

“This year has proven to be an optimal time to revisit the strategy. There have been many challenges and changes over the past two and a half years and this project was a great opportunity to engage with our internal and external stakeholders to better understand how to adapt to the new communications preferences after the pandemic,” said Communications Manager Rob Hatten.

The strategy has identified seven goals for the county.

As part of the update process, Hatten said his department identified a customer service strategy as an opportunity going forward. He said his department would be exploring a formalized customer service strategy and reporting back to council in the future. Hatten said there will be opportunities for staff and council training as the project develops.

“I want to commend Rob and his staff for extremely well-organized communications for Grey County throughout the years,” said West Grey Mayor Christine Robinson.

Meaford Deputy Mayor Shirley Keaveney also commended the communications staff.

“We’re lucky to have you. Everything revolves around communications. There are much greater expectations from our residents. People want to get their information immediately,” she said.

Chris Fell, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,

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