Grey Highlands council donates its budget surplus to food banks

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Grey Highlands council has pledged a $1,500 donation to local food banks, which will be split between the food banks in Flesherton and Markdale.

"From what I'm hearing, food banks [usage is] at an all-time high, so there certainly a demand on that," said Mayor Paul McQueen at council Dec 15. "I think that will be well served for our community and for those that are in need."

Councillor Paul Allen brought forth a notice of motion to assist food banks, and he suggested that the donation come from funds earmarked for Christmas and summer staff events.

Councillor Cathy Little supported the idea of helping out food banks, but she was reluctant to source the donation from tax payer money and to take away from staff events.

"I don't have anything against, obviously, contributing or donating money to the food bank, but I just don't know that this is I'm just having trouble with appropriating tax dollars to be given to a charity in the name of the municipality," she said. "I just want to express that ... our valuing of staff in this is important too."

Allen pointed out that the funds would be used for the same purpose, except it could be used for those in need instead.

"I feel that it can go towards meals but just not for staff," he said. "It's being used for the same purpose but helping those in need."

Council ultimately moved to source the funds from a surplus in the 2021 council budget.

Greg McGrath-Goudie, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,

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