Grey Highlands investigating scattering ground for cemeteries

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The Municipality of Grey Highlands is investigating the possibility of creating a scattering ground at one or more local cemeteries.

At its meeting on July 20, council approved a staff report that requested permission to do further investigations into the creation of a scattering ground.

Grey Highlands currently has seven active and 19 inactive cemeteries across the municipality. Cremation continues to grow as a method of disposition in Ontario.

“By offering a scattering ground at one or more of our cemeteries, we can provide 'green friendly' and lower cost interment options for residents while implementing new income generating final disposition opportunities to our cemeteries,” Municipal Services Assistant Bobbi Scully said in a report to council. “A 'scattering ground' is a designated place within a cemetery for scattering cremated ashes. Oftentimes, there is some kind of plaque or memorial where the names of those interred in the garden are displayed.”

The closest cemetery locally to offer a scattering ground is Maple Grove Cemetery in Dundalk.

Members of council were immediately supportive of the idea.

“This is something we should investigate further,” said Coun. Danielle Valiquette.

Clerk Raylene Martell said staff would return with a full report on the options.

“I see nothing but positive things coming from it and another source of revenue for our cemeteries,” she said.

Chris Fell, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter,

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