This Grieving Dog Refused To Leave His Dead Owner’s Side


This is the heartbreaking moment a dog refused to move from the side of his owner, who was run over and killed at the side of the road.

Puppy Doki was seen lying down next to the body of 23-year-old Leonardo Valdes, who had gone out for a walk with his loyal dog.

Valdes had been struck by a car near to his home in Concepción, Chile, and died at the scene.

Emergency crews who rushed to the scene covered the body - but grief-stricken Doki simply refused to move from the spot.

Workers took a picture of the tragic scene and later wrote online: “The deceased’s puppy remained in the spot until the body was removed.”

The puppy was eventually taken in by Valdes’ family, who wrote of her continued loyalty - even after his owner’s death.

They said: “She was up all night in the wake “

Truly man’s best friend.

Pic: Facebook/Esteban CEBB_257

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