Grimsby Co-operative Preschool donates sensory garden to town

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With the help of some young hands, Grimsby Co-operative Preschool donated a garden to the town.

With some current and former students planting some of the flowers on site, the school donated a sensory garden with mainly locally sourced fixtures.

Some of these include the flowers for scent, a musical wall made of old instruments for sound and a walkway, brightly coloured flowers painted on it as well as sections made of different materials (including grass and rubble) for sight and touch.

When the school requested to make a community donation for its 50th anniversary of operation, the responsibility fell to Olivia Fraser, parks, recreation and culture co-ordinator for the town of Grimsby.

“I was just trying to think of something a little different,” Fraser said. She said the school often does tree planting and thus she decided to go with a garden, “to give a space for the kids of the community.”

The garden is located between the Grimsby Public Library and the Grimsby Public Art Gallery.

“We came up with a design that's a little more interactive, and that people can when they visit, they can play and really get a feeling of the space,” she said.

Among the young planters was four-year-old Olivia Smith, a recent graduate of the school, who was planting cone flowers with her mother, Kim Smith.

“We’re here because we love this preschool so much,” Smith said.

Though Smith isn’t herself a graduate, Olivia is the second child in her family to graduate from the school.

Smith is however a former board member who kept in touch with the school and said she felt it is important to come out when hearing of the day's event given her children’s positive experiences with the school.

Moosa Imran, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Grimsby Lincoln News

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