Grimsby's renovation budget for Peach King Centre increases by $9M

Grimsby's community hub and recreation facility isn't the only thing set to expand — it looks like the projected budget for the project has also grown in size.

The price tag for the Grimsby Peach King Centre renovation and expansion was originally estimated to be in the ballpark of $21 million. During the Feb. 6 committee of the whole meeting, Grimsby's recreation supervisor Trevor Ruzylo told councillors costs have seen a 40 per cent increase from the project's original numbers.

The updated budget now estimates the renovations will total more than $31 million.

Plans for the project include the renovation of aging facilities, accessibility improvements and upgrades, parking, dressing rooms, new bathrooms, lobbies and communal areas.

The aim is to build a community hub where all residents “feel like they belong, not just hockey families,” said Ruzylo.

Funding provided through the federal “Investing in Canada Plan — Building a Better Canada” program has been in the works since 2019, pending final approval.

In July 2021, the project was selected for funding through the provincial government's Strategic Priorities Infrastructure Fund. That grant was for $16 million, with the town contributing $5.84 million toward the then-estimated total cost of $21 million.

Ruzylo said the cost estimate has to be done “at a really high level” because the project does not have a design or a construction manager yet, but the amount will continue to be “refined.”

“That number is really going to start to narrow, and we are hoping we might even see it come down,” Ruzylo said.

Yoga, fitness classes, gym space, and pickleball are some of the new programs that will be added to the centre’s activities. However, Ruzylo said the goal is to build a space for social gatherings where the space can be adapted for the community long-term and offer opportunities for spontaneous recreation.

“This type of program allows us to enable community services groups that are such an important part of our community,” said Ruzylo.


According to Ruzylo, the project’s delivery could come sooner and saving money by reducing programming costs is a priority. He said the project is looking into fundraisers through the community to make up for the increase. Procuring a construction manager and an architectural design team is also ongoing.

Beatriz Baleeiro, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Grimsby Lincoln News